Window Signs

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Window Signs, Window Branding services in Nairobi Kenya

A window sign is one of the most versatile forms of advertising and identification. You would think that they only identify the business, but they are also for promoting products, services, and even brand awareness.

If you have large windows in your establishment, you should take advantage by getting a large window print to identify your business or promote a sale or products. And since most windows are transparent, the possibilities are endless.

If you are not sure how you can incorporate a window sign in your establishment to make it impactful, then partner with Signage Kenya. today. Our experience has taught us how to make the right impact with window graphics.

Our Window Signage Options

At Signage Kenya, we offer several window signage options to best fit your needs and accomplish the desired goal. The primary categorization features two types of window signage:

  • Stickers and Decals

These are the most popular window signs as they require an adhesive to stick to the window. This adhesive is semi-permanent, offering a sort of permanent decal that will last a long time. It is best for logos since you do not change the logo many times.

Decals come in different types, including transparent, opaque, and perforated. Clear decals have a transparent background and are ideal for storefronts, offering two-way visibility. Opaque decals create a frosted window effect, while perforated decals offer one-way visibility.

  • Static Clings

The static clings are less permanent and do not require adhesive to stick to the glass. The product feels like a gel and thus does not need adhesive. It can last up to three years with proper maintenance, but they are best for seasonal promotions since they are easy to change. However, they also fade quicker than decals.

Get Window Signs Today!

Ready to get a variety of window signs for your storefront or business? Signage Kenya.) has the right printers and materials to create a variety of branded signs. We promise long-lasting signs at an affordable price.