Branded Wheel Covers

KSh 5,500.00

Customized wheel covers

  • Good quality material
  • High quality print


You might wonder, ‘I’m not in the auto business, so why would I need branded wheel covers?’ Marketing is the answer. These practical items are a great way to get your brand in front of multiple eyes for free.

Branded wheel covers effectively turn vehicles into mobile billboards. As these vehicles move through different locations, they attract attention, significantly expanding the visibility of the brand and its offerings to a diverse audience.

The unique and eye-catching nature of our branded wheel covers ensures that the company’s logo, message, or visual identity receives high visibility. The increased exposure reinforces brand recognition among audiences.

It is also good to note that branded wheel covers are a cost-effective and long-term marketing solution. Once you get and distribute them, they continue to promote the brand without incurring additional costs, serving as a one-time investment for extended and repetitive exposure.

As branded wheel covers travel to specific routes or regions, they effectively target audiences. It allows businesses to target specific locations, making it an ideal tool for local and regional marketing efforts.

Our Wheel Covers Get You Noticed!

Tailored for Durability

We make our wheel covers using high-quality banner materials. This ensures that they can withstand various environmental conditions, including rain, wind, and sun exposure, without fading or sustaining damage.

So, instead of the wheel covers lasting only a few weeks, they serve for months to come, ensuring long-lasting performance. Not only will these covers protect the wheels, but they will also maintain a pristine and professional look for your brand.

Custom Design and Fit

Our experts understand the need for custom solutions. After all, every brand is different and should be treated as such. Therefore, we collaborate closely with clients to create wheel covers that perfectly align with the company’s brand aesthetics and fit seamlessly onto various vehicles.

If you need the covers for company cars, we will ensure they fit the make and models you have. In addition, if you want a more general approach, we have standard sizes that fit various vehicles.

Alternatively, you can ask for custom orders so we can better serve you. Trust us to get the right fit and design every time.

Versatility and Adaptability

Finally, our wheel covers are available in various sizes and design options. We cater to diverse vehicle types and styles. Whether for commercial fleets, personal vehicles, or specific promotional campaigns, these covers adapt to different wheel dimensions and designs.

So, if you have a special sale or need a low investment marketing tools that will serve you for months, consider our wheel covers.

Invest in High-Quality Wheel Covers Affordably

As a company that has been in the signage business for a long time, we understand the importance of quality and value for money. We strike a balance between the two, offering high-quality wheel covers at an affordable price.

So, contact us for durable wheel covers that come with a friendly price tag. We will ensure your brand is represented well and the wheel covers continue to serve your brand well for months to come.